About Us

Odesso is a cloud-based solution that lets you manage your small and midsize businesses workflow through a custom white-label mobile apps. For low monthly rates, Odesso hosts and maintains your mobile app, giving you the freedom to work on the go, manage or deliver products and services, market your business, and utilize our suite of customer and workforce management. With the consumer storefront shifting to mobile, Odesso makes your business competitive in the mobile marketplace through automation. Our consultants put their backgrounds in software development, service-oriented architecture, business intelligence, web-site usability, and back-end integration to use developing systems that are robust and flexible. Specifically, we offer the following services.

Mobile Workflow Automation: streamlining tools for smb and enterprise-level companies on iOS and Android.

Business Process Management: including busines process analysis, optimization, automation and monitoring

Cloud Solutions: Cloud Computing and Cloud Application Development, Mobile Device Application Development and Collaboration using Social Tools.

Project & Portfolio Management: Call Center Support, Project Planning & Management, Education & Training, QA and Testing and Finance & Budgeting.

Full Lifecycle System Implementation: conceptualize, plan, define, analyze, design, implement, commercialize, and support your BPM deployments.We adapt and optimize to your organization's methodology, whether its agile, waterfall, or a hybrid of both.

The Odesso product is fully owned and controlled by BPM Group, Inc. Founded in 2013, BPM Technologies has build solutions for Fortune 100 Companies, including ADP, Blackberry, Amazon, and Bank of the West.

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