Why Your Business Needs an App More Than Ever

Visible Storefront 24/7

Statistics show Americans spend two hours a day on their mobile device. That means each time they unlock their screen or scroll around, they are able to see your brand. This a passive method of brand recognition and awareness, which reinforces that your company exists, and subconciously convinces the user to return to your storefront.


Increase Customers, and Create Loyal Customers

Odesso builds apps that serve many functions, from providing storefronts to sell products and services to marketing and content pages that allow your customers to interact with you. Everything from push notification reminders to special deals, promotions, and loyalty programs, our apps can help you provide unique value to your users. These tactics lead to more sales and increasing your user base. Whether you're an established E-Commerce brand or a startup on-demand business, Odesso will give you the tools you need to take your business to the next level. Our simple one-click user experience increases your customer's engagement. Additionally, Odesso gives you tools for app store marketing and a strong native app user experience.


Fast and Easy to Deliver a Mobile Experience

It's now more affordable than ever for you to go mobile with our inexpensive monthly subscription plans. We allow you to build a free prototype, filled with rich features, complete with your business's branding, delivered within 48 hours. Odesso hosts your app and maintains it on our secure cloud. By using our automation technology, we are able to scale your mobile app at low rates, letting you instead invest in marketing and growing your business. Odesso is committed to your success and can help you with your business plan and works out special monthly rates. Once Odesso builds your app, you are free to test it and begin onboarding your products, employees, and customer base. If you have any questions about features available through Odesso's automation, email info@odesso.com and describe what your requirements are.