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Achieve operational excellence by digitizing your business processes without writing any code.

Use Any Device

So you need an awesome website, an amazing iPhone app, a slick Android app, and a great app for tablets. Why hire four companies to build each app when you can build once and deploy on all devices using Odesso? Eliminate extra work and use software that allows you to build one feature rich app that can be deployed on all devices instantly for one low monthly fee.

Content Management System

Building a custom mobile application for your business may seem out of reach, however, with Odesso’s user friendly no-code content management system, you can build an app in a fraction of the time and financial investment that it customarily takes to build an app from the ground up. Use an easy-to-use designer to build your forms, users and workflows. Then log into the reporting portal to export on demand reports about your users, user activity, orders and transactions. Finally, go to your apps branding sections and instantly update your colors and logos. All of these features are available to all Odesso customers using our CMS.

Human Interface Designer

Getting information from humans is usually the biggest bottleneck in every business process. Empower yourself with interface design concepts that go well beyond a form. In addition to Odesso’s feature rich form designer to collect user data, explore how to collect data from a smartphone’s gyroscope, accelerometer, camera and microphone as inputs for your business processes. Then use that data to automate business decisions and populate that data into other processes, databases, systems and notifications.

Your Software, Your Brand

If it’s your software, it should contain your brand. Right?

If you’ve invested in the software, it should express your colors. All the Apps you build on Odesso are fully white-labeled. This means that whether the app is downloaded from the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store, your users will search for your company and see your brand reflected every step of the way. You may be saying "Well duh, of course it’s my brand, because I paid for the software". Wrong. Believe it or not, all major software companies like Salesforce, SAP, Appian, Pega or K2 will force your users to download their app in order to use your software. Ugh, they’re so self centered! Don’t worry though because Odesso’s got you covered. Be rest assured that you will maintain your brand’s autonomy using Odesso as your application development platform of choice.

Standard and Premium support

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Odesso offers Premium and Standard support offerings - providing Customers peace of mind in knowing that their mobile services are supported by industry leading SLAs and response times.

3rd Party Support

Odesso offers Premium support packages for 3rd party industry leading BPM software providers including Appian, Pega and PowerApps.

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