Goodbye Low Code, Hello No-Code

The only language you should need to know to create powerful applications is English. Odesso empowers citizen developers to solve business problems without writing a single line of code. Request your demo today to find out how.

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A Trusted Partner to Leading Brands & Organizations

With decades of experience in business process automation and digital transformation, we’ve generated solutions for some of the most iconic brands.


Simple English No-Code

The first real, Simple English No-Code [S.E.N.C.], open platform.

Not familiar with this term? Well, we invented it.

ODESSO makes No-Code a reality. Working with low-code in support of our forward-thinking clients, our founders engineered a simpler way to innovate. What could be better than low-code? No-Code.

With the SENC platform, people closest and most familiar with the business challenges can quickly create and deploy automation skills to address the immediate business needs with no programming knowledge. The only knowledge needed to start building complex apps for your business needs -- in Simple English. SENC makes it more flexible for today's needs and adapts to tomorrow's opportunities.

Welcome to the start of Digital Citizens.

Create Once. Go-Live on Any Device, Everywhere

IoT and is growing and expanding at exponential rates every day. It’s only natural that different devices are used for different purposes and preferences. Our React-Native framework allows users to build apps for iOS, Android, and web simultaneously in our App Editor.

Compliance and Enforcement

SENC's enterprise-grade platform design actively manages policies/credentials to securely govern identities, and applications resources with multi-factor authentication and encryption of all data, both at-rest, and active in-transit.

Connect your tech stacks-bring disparate data-silos together

Regardless of where your sites and people are, SENC's enterprise integration seamlessly connects to your on-premise, in the Cloud, or hybrid tech stacks, unifying all of your data no matter where it resides.

Professional Services

ODESSO professional services are a complete suite of services, training, and support that deliver business outcomes and promote the rapid digital citizen enablement backed by our enterprise SENC methodology.

  • Industry Expertise for Every Business Process

    ODESSO Professional Services provides our clients with the versatility to either have our advisors take point on your entire project or extend our expertise to exact functional domains to design, implement and support legacy Low-Code software stacks or our cloud-native No-Code enterprise platform.

  • Delivering Business-Critical Digital Methodology & Strategy

    With a demonstrated track record of managing and delivering measurable business outcomes, our subject matter professionals can enable your team to achieve success faster with our methodology and pathway to automate predictable/repeatable manual processes-replacing pen & paper manual data entry.

Digital Transformation

Businesses running on industry 1.0 and 2.0 standards often have difficulty identifying how to get up to speed with current innovations. ODESSO helps businesses bridge that gap expeditiously

  • Unifying Disparate Processes

    The majority of companies today retain and preserve a goldmine of latent data but are unaware of or don’t know how to use it to its full potential. We specialize in unlocking all your disparate data pieces by bringing together your disjointed processes and normalizing all your data silos through workflow and process automation.

  • Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

    One of the easiest ways for a business to optimize is to eliminate repetitive & manual processes. Digitizing forms and doing away with paper and manual filing is one of our specialties. Digital forms become a new way of managing data and optimizing greater workflows within a business.


Data Readiness fuels business longevity

Industry 4.0 is poised to make transformative contributions to all businesses in the near short term. Seizing this opportunity starts with the cornerstone of digital process automation through the SENC enterprise platform. Digital process automation is the connection point for applying intelligent automation and enabling businesses to orchestrate processes that optimise your data to feed into artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and robotic process automation (RPA) to deliver world-class operational results.

Foundation to A Single Source of Truth

"Managing data is process-intensive, especially as most companies today have more than a dozen siloed data sources. Petabytes of data accumulate rather quickly when disparate data silos and legacy data mix with the convergence of more technologies into the cloud. Adding to this compiled data with incomplete and inaccurate entries can lead to substantial manual reconciliation leading to a considerable loss of time and expense for your organization. The challenges linked with protecting clean, stable data matters, especially when it comes to data in-sync across all systems. What's the answer? SENC.

SENC's structural design of shared information environments is the foundation of AI, ML, & BI. SENC's enterprise platform is the gateway to digital capture and centralizing all your data to start your journey."

Transforming Data into Business Enablement

Enterprise, AI, and Business Intelligence are evolving into everyday business as we know it. Integrating better automation, business intelligence, and AI technology into holistic enterprise platforms with these processes allows leveraging systems to identify from the structured data lakes, trends, and insights to make real-time competitive decisions. How can SENC help? SENC is one platform for every-department, everyone. Everyone can use SENC in different business segments to integrate and apply AI, ML, and BI benefits to realize cost reductions and operational efficiency.

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